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  • reply Carolina ,

    HI! I find this website very interesting and helpful, I’m so glad I found you guys!
    I love birds, when I was 8 my mom gave me a little parrot ( forpus passerinus) and she shared 9 years of happiness and love with me, unfortunately she died in the past april of 2012 and since I was very depressed 3 month later my mom gave me two new little parrots just like laury ( my first little parrot) and since that time I gave all my attention to them, but a year later the male parrot died which was a very sad lost, but my female parrot was still in good health, feeling bad for the situation I tried to be 24/7 with her, but I did an exchange programme to Europe and sadly I had to leave her home, with my parents and siblings but none of them took care of her and when I came back from my trip I found my little parrot with no feathers which was absolutely shocking for me, because she seems to be healthy except from her physical appearance, I try consulting a vet and he told me it was just depression but I’m always with her playing around and even I allowed her to fly and spend time in the yard but she hasnt stop from taking her feathers off! help

    • reply Kristin Hawkins ,

      • reply Tina duffy ,

        My bf and I are looking around for a cocktail or a parrot Newark in Delaware anyway u can help us. We have 2 pareekts he would like a talking bird, would love to have a parrot or anything that isn’t to expensive. I would like to apdopt if that’s available m

        • reply Wally ,

          I live in NYC n have Ruby mawcaw which I love ❤️ but need help in training her so I can take her of cage me n my husband are little afraid 😳 do u many one ☝️ in Brooklyn NYC, that help trained her thank you

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